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What’s happening across Asia is setting the stage for businesses of all kinds across the world. The Hong Kong democracy movement, Myanmar’s new openness, technology, advancements in manufacturing, mobility, blockchain, the booming FinTech sector, the global supply chain and its impact on businesses, and the rollout of 5G, — you name it, and the Asian markets are playing a major role in development the world over.

If keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Asia, gaining access to and insights from the very best minds in the world, connecting with top business leaders and gaining access to targeted CEOs in select industries is your goal—then Asia Insight Circle is where you need to be.

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Author’s Talk: Future Proof Your Career

I am a former Financial Times executive, author of Future Proof: Reinventing Work in an Age of Acceleration and adjunct professor at Columbia Business School’s EMBA Global Asia.  I work with global leaders to enhance their ability to adapt, contribute, collaborate and grow and with organisations and boards that seek a competitive edge by enhancing leadership and engaging...

May 24

Who’s In Your Supply Chain? Ending Modern Day Slavery

There are more slaves today than at any other time in history. 45.8 million people in 167 countries are trapped in what is known as “modern slavery,” with seven out of ten of these victims directly related to the private sector. These people, who make the products we buy and harvest the food we eat,...

June 14

Back to Work Special: Behind the Big Hong Kong Houses

School is back in session – and so return the expats and vacationers who escaped the heat of summer in Hong Kong. What better topic to kick off a new business season than a deep-dive behind business in Hong Kong. How does the history of the large, local houses drive business today? What are the...

August 30

Success Doing Business in Hong Kong: The Newcomer’s Guide

15 | 04 | 2019 by Walter Jennings
We look forward to a full house at our “Inside Alibaba” breakfast on 18 April. Adam Najberg has been at Alibaba for a ... Read More
29 | 03 | 2019 by Walter Jennings
Gordon Orr, the former Asia chairman at global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, today addressed “Getting on Boards.” ... Read More
24 | 01 | 2019 by Walter Jennings
Growth isn't on person's job - but should it be? Author Andy Brent and two top-level CMOs discuss the best approach to manage for growth.
04 | 01 | 2019 by Walter Jennings
Growth cuts across all executive functions, yet only one company has appointed a Growth Director. What does Mondelez International know?
27 | 12 | 2018 by Walter Jennings
China has assets and cash totaling US$17.41 trillion to support state-led actions to minimise risk and maintain economic order ... Read More
29 | 10 | 2018 by Walter Jennings
On the eve of Hong Kong FinTech Week, Musheer Ahmed provided members of Asia Insight Circle a preview of the world's first cross-border ... Read More

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