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What’s happening across Asia is setting the stage for businesses of all kinds across the world. The Hong Kong democracy movement, Myanmar’s new openness, technology, advancements in manufacturing, mobility, blockchain, the booming FinTech sector, the global supply chain and its impact on businesses, and the rollout of 5G, — you name it, and the Asian markets are playing a major role in development the world over.

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The Growth Director’s Secret

Andrew Brent proposes restructuring your company. In order to achieve sustainable, long-term growth the current approach isn’t focused enough on long-term development. Sales is revenue focused. CEOs are across all areas, and won’t be able to provide the time and attention required. Marketing is campaign-focused. Good growth can only come from a loyal segment of...

January 25

Success Doing Business in Hong Kong: The Newcomer’s Guide

29 | 10 | 2018 by Walter Jennings
On the eve of Hong Kong FinTech Week, Musheer Ahmed provided members of Asia Insight Circle a preview of the world's first cross-border ... Read More
11 | 10 | 2018 by Walter Jennings
Chief Executive Carrie Lam delivered her second policy address for Hong Kong yesterday. Among the most ambitious initiatives is a plan ... Read More
The Fastest Way Into Shenzhen
25 | 09 | 2018 by Walter Jennings
When businesses are interested in doing business in China, it’s not unusual for the city of Shenzhen to be at the top of the list for a ... Read More
Does Happiness Matter?
09 | 04 | 2018 by Walter Jennings
Disney bills itself as the “Happiest Place on Earth”, but according to a recent report from the United Nations, that is instead ... Read More
Silicon Delta: The Maker's Market In Shenzhen
21 | 02 | 2018 by Walter Jennings
Once derided for copycat innovation, Shenzhen and Guangdong Province are today global centres of innovation due to a world-best supply ... Read More
Biting-Edge Blockchain: Our March Breakfast
18 | 02 | 2018 by Walter Jennings
Blockchain is a transaction ledger distributed over tens of thousands of computers. Near impossible to hack. It will fundamentally ... Read More

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