Hong Kong FinTech Week with Musheer Ahmed

On the eve of Hong Kong FinTech Week, Musheer Ahmed provided members of Asia Insight Circle a preview of the world’s first cross-border financial technology conference taking place in Hong Kong, Asia’s financial capital, and in Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley

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Making Land for 1.1 Million People in Hong Kong

Chief Executive Carrie Lam delivered her second policy address for Hong Kong yesterday. Among the most ambitious initiatives is a plan to create new islands to house 1.1 million people. The 1,700 hectares (or 4,200 acres) will cover 17 square kilometres  and will rise...

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Doing Business in China: The Fastest Way Into Shenzhen

When businesses are interested in doing business in China, it’s not unusual for the city of Shenzhen to be at the top of the list for a visit. Shenzhen is a major Chinese city located across the greenbelt to the north of Hong Kong. This bustling city is pressed...

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Does Happiness Matter?

Disney bills itself as the “Happiest Place on Earth”, but according to a recent report from the United Nations, that is instead Finland. The World Happiness Report was launched in March and ranked countries by a range of factors meant to measure happiness. These...

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Silicon Delta: The Maker’s Market in Shenzhen

Once derided for copycat innovation, Shenzhen and Guangdong Province are today global centres of innovation due to a world-best supply chain for technology. David Li of Shenzhen’s Open Innovation Lab argues that the copycats have since morphed into a powerful...

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Biting-Edge Blockchain: Our March Breakfast

Blockchain is a transaction ledger distributed over tens of thousands of computers. Near impossible to hack. It will fundamentally alter your business. Blockchain allows businesses to digitize their work flows, and benefit  from near-impossible-to-hack distributed...

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Mainland M&A: An Insider’s Perspective

Chinese outbound investment reached new records in 2016. According to Baker McKenzie, “Combined Chinese direct investment in the advanced economies of North America and Europe more than doubled in 2016 to a new record of USD 94.2 billion as China continued its...

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Why Do Companies Still Make the Same Mistakes?

On Friday, 4 November the members and guests of Asia Insight Circle will hear from Caroline Sapriel, founder of CS&A, a specialist crisis management firm. Recent crisis examples show us the fragility of what we have been taught. Are we forgetting these lessons...

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