Hong Kong’s Greenest Hotel

In April 2015 members heard from Yau Lee Executive Director, Ms Rosana Wong, a pioneer in the use of technology to achieve sustainability in the construction and hospitality industries. Some green changes were motivated by wastage, such as marble lobbies where excess...

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Brand: Contemporary Consumers in China

The best and most successful global brands in Asia succeed thanks to flexibility and a willingness to learn from Asia rather than impose western norms. This was one of the insights in a members-only breakfast in March 2015 featuring Scott Keller, Head of Retail, Asia...

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Is Superstar Talent Driving – or Disrupting – Innovation?

Leadership is not about taking people where they want to go, rather, it’s about leading them where they should go. This was the subject of a members-only breakfast in February 2015 led by Gerhard Vorster, Asia Pacific Chief Strategy Officer, Deloitte This new style of...

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Kroll: The Human Element in Data Breach

Most articles that discuss computer intrusion and data breach often focus on one side of the event: the attack. Information is provided about the data taken, the attacker’s interest and motivation, and the cost and damage to the company. Behind every hack and data...

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The Great European Carnival: Behind Closed Tent Flaps

On Thursday, 14 January members of Asia Insight Circle are invited to The Great European Carnival. This award-winning event dominates the Central waterfront bringing family fun to downtown Hong Kong. In December – just before the holiday season – the secrets of the...

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