Greater Bay Geek | #ChinaTech #StartUps with Tony Verb

“China’s Pearl River delta is the site of the most dramatic urbanization in human history. The area is home to nearly 70 million people. It contributes an eighth of China’s GDP, with an economy worth $1.5 trillion – roughly the same as Australia and Spain, and nearly as big as Russia and South Korea.

“Now the Chinese government has outlined its plans to unite what it calls the Greater Bay Area into a giant megalopolis, and transform it into a high-tech centre that could rival California’s Silicon Valley and Japan’s Tokyo Bay.” (Source: WEF)

Our speaker is Tony Verb. Tony is a serial entrepreneur, urban innovator, venture capitalist and film producer, based in Hong Kong.

He’s the founder of GreaterBay Ventures & Advisors, an integrated investment and consulting firm, specialised on cross-border innovation and smart cities. Tony is committed to accelerate the growth of technology companies that positively impact urbanisation under the thesis he coins as “Urban Tech with Impact”. The Greater Bay Area of South China, Hong Kong and Macau is the the biggest megacity on the planet and he sees the region as the best place to facilitate and scale the adaptation of urban tech best practices globally. 

Tony launched several initiatives and contributes to different verticals and communities locally and globally, with experience in corporate innovation, accelerator programmes and ecosystem building as partner of and co-founder of Mettā, an entrepreneur club. 

In his spare time, Tony contributes to philanthropic initiatives, creative projects and studies quantum physics. He is a proud member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community and a Greater Bay Area Investment Committee Vice Chair under the Smart City Consortium of Hong Kong.

The Furore over 5G: The Backlash from Western Governments over #ChinaTech

“Wireless carriers around the world are preparing to spend billions on hardware for 5G, the coming generation of superfast wireless technology, to replace current 4G networks.” – The Wall Street Journal

In the midst of an ongoing trade war between China and the United States, tensions have escalated over China’s technology. The United States is wary of using China’s 5G equipment for vital communications. The concern is over “back doors” that may allow home-country intelligence agencies to access information.

At the same time, indictments have been brought against Huawei and US-China trade talks are underway. It’s an interesting time for #ChinaTech.

Dan Strumpf is a Hong Kong-based technology reporter for The Wall Street Journal. He’s at the front line of the assault and defence of China technology.

We look forward to a stimulating and thought-provoking discussion. Let us know your questions – this Asia Insight Circle dialogue is on the record.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of cellular mobile communications, with speeds up to 20 GB per second. It is 100 times faster than today’s 4G service. On your mobile it would take one second to download ‘Avengers’ in HD.

5G powers IOT (Internet of Things) with up to one billion connections. From cars to toasters to keys, everything will be Internet-enabled.

Today the world leader in 5G is China. To learn more about #5G watch the video from The Wall Street Journal.  

Dan Strumpf, Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Dan Strumpf covers technology in Asia out of The Wall Street Journal‘s Hong Kong bureau. Previously, he covered energy and financial markets for the Journal in both Hong Kong and New York, and has worked for the Associated Press and several local newspapers in the U.S.

He has been covering the US-China technology issue. The articles he has written and contributed to can be found here. You can write to Dan Strumpf at On Twitter he is @DanStrumpf.

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