Decrypting Cryptocurrency: Stefan Rust, CEO,

On 17 December 2017 the price of one Bitcoin peaked at US$19,783.06. One year later the same coin was valued at US$3,265. While today the currency has reclaimed some value, the current price is US$9,765.

If you don’t like change, get out of the cryptocurrency industry.

Stefan Rust likes change. He’s been CXO of an energy trading company, and today leads – a global exchange platform for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

In early September launched, a fast and secure cryptocurrency trading platform meant to satisfy digital currency veterans and newcomers alike. The Exchange offers traders a reliable and professional trading environment, “that makes swapping cryptocurrencies a breeze.”

According to, “Our exchange outpaces the competition by providing a robust matching engine, professional charts, and plenty of liquidity for a multitude of digital assets. With over 50 trading pairs, the Exchange will feature bitcoin cash base pairs alongside other denominated pairs from well known assets like tether (USDT), ethereum (ETH), and bitcoin core (BTC). While our company thinks the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network will be adopted by the masses worldwide, we also think it’s important to promote free markets and choice.” 

Learn more about cryptocurrencies, the development of a new global exchange, and the future of digital assets with our December speaker Stefan Rust, CEO of

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